We have seen in recent few years the trend of websites like Omegle has gone to the next level. Thanks to the pandemic back in 2020 when people were sitting in their homes, they got nothing to do and that’s how websites like Omegle came into the limelight.

I guess everyone already knows about Omegle, it is considered one of the best websites to talk with strangers online but do you know there are plenty of such websites to video chat with strangers online.

Omegle is undoubtedly a pretty good app to pass boredom and it indeed has lots of active users but today I am going to introduce you to more such apps that have almost the same active users as Omegle.

Best Online Apps/Websites to Video Chat with Strangers

1) Ome TV

Well, after Omegle TV, the only app that I like to use is Ome TV. It is also quite similar to Omegle TV but with a few more added features. In Ome TV you can basically select the country that you are interested in chatting with and Ome TV will display all the active users from that country online.

Ome TV has lots of active girls users, so anyone who is interested in chatting with girls only can consider Ome TV as their weekend parter to pass the boredom.

2) Omegle TV

When it comes to the best websites to chat with strangers, how can we forget Omegle TV? Omegle TV is clearly the best in the competition and it is one of the old websites to video chat with strangers online. Omegle TV was launched back in 2009 and ever since this website has gained lots of authority and an active loyal users base.

At the current moment, Omegle TV has more than 50 million visitors every month which is totally insane and way higher than its competitors.

The good part about Omegle TV is that they have added security to filter out bots and scammers.

3) E-Chat

E-Chat is another pretty good website to video chat with strangers online. However, to use this app you need to create an account first and that is really a good thing because it limits the bots and scammers using this platform. I have personally used E-Chat during pandemic times a lot and I pretty much liked this website.

This website may not be as good as Ome TV or Omegle TV but it is definitely worth trying. I suggest you to give this website a try and then let me know your opinion about it.

4) Talk

Talk is another online video chat with stranger platform, it let you chat with strangers all over the world. This website keeps your identity hidden which is a really good thing and a bad thing at the same time. While testing this website I find so many bots but at the same time, I found some really interesting strangers.

So, I have got mixed reviews about this website but nevertheless, you can give this website a try and then let me know what you think about this online anonymous chatting platform.

5) MeetYou

MeetYou is a really interesting platform to chat with strangers online. This website is full of features and gives you so much freedom. You can do Video chat as well as normal texting with strangers on this platform and along with that, you can share files such as photos and videos which is a very unique feature provided by MeetYou. No other apps let you share media online but Meetyou allows you to do it.

And not only you can share media files online with strangers but it also allows you to create a random room with strangers where you can talk, chill, or can do whatever you like.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it for now, I hope you liked my list of best websites to chat with strangers online. If you know any other website or apps that you think should be included in the above list then let me know by dropping your comment in the below comment section.